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If you are related to the name: Smreczak or Smreczyński  – there is very possible chance that we are related to each other. Please contact me with your family’s details. I want to find all Smreczak's people and build The Family Tree and get together some day.  There is already big number of the Smreczak’s member in that Family Tree document, please check it out.
Just a little bit about me and my family.
My name is Edward Smreczak I was born in Poland – Rabka, family home is in Skawa (2 km from Rabka), studding in Nowy Targ then in Krakow. July 1992 I moved to USA and put my foot on Chicago soil – visiting my family and relatives. After 7 years living in Chicago I got an opportunity to move to Massachusetts.
Please contact me if you are or you think you may be related so this Smreczak name, if not sure, don’t worry we will find this out. Also if you need login to private section of this website to see The Family Tree information and pictures, please send me your email request.
Thank you again for stopping by here.
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